CRM Products which Open New Horizons for Your Business

In general, CRM is a specific approach to doing business, in which the customer is at the heart of the company’s activities. So the CRM strategy involves creating in the company such mechanisms of interaction with customers, in which their needs have the highest priority for the enterprise. Such a focus on the customer affects not only the company’s overall business strategy but also corporate culture, structure, business processes, operations.

If to be more specific, CRM product is software or a program for managing the client base which can possess various functionality and set of characteristics right for your business needs. So, you can use:

  • cloud CRM (i.e. data is stored on the developer server) or desktop installed on your server;
  • CRM product as part of some other system, for example, a system for automating the management of a company, or as a completely separate program;
  • paid or free version of CRM (moreover, you can pay for each user and purchase a license right away for the whole organization);
  • CRM products automating only the functions of maintaining the client base or covering other business processes of the organization.

In this article, you can find out more features of CRM tools proposed by vendors on the market of business process management software.

Don’t know which solution to choose? Visit the official websites of the top products listed below and make a proper decision for you.


You can manage the complete customer turnaround using CRM products on the platform bpm’online: from the stage of acquaintance with the company to the execution of the order and service. It comprises marketing, service and sales tools and narrow industrial solutions.


Salesforce is one of popular CRM solutions in the world. It sets new heights in sales automation due to a complex of cloud solutions that will allow your team to conclude more deals, increase productivity and get high-quality contacts at all stages of the sales funnel.

Microsoft Dynamic

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is an easy-in-use business application that can be integrated with other systems. It will allow you to shorten the sales cycle and increase the number of successful transactions using the functionality of managing the work with potential customers and opportunities management, as well as by automating the sales process, creating commercial offers and managing customer orders.

Description: Best CRM products. Effective tools for customer relationship management and new possibilities for your business.